Micro Service Millionaire Book - Dr Ben Adkins

How to Build a 7 Figure Income from your Laptop.

The full roadmap of how you can build a million dollar per year business by helping small businesses grow using the Internet.


What is "Micro Service Millionaire"?

For many people, the more successful their business becomes, the harder it gets to continue to deliver a quality product. This happens because more demand for a product or service doesn't always equal growing income and profits. And this is where a business becomes a burden on aspiring entrepreneurs. Inside "Micro Service Millionaire", Dr. Ben Adkins walks you through how to fix the "scaling problem" and how to build a wildly successful business by providing digital "micro-services" to brick and mortar business owners all over the world.

The Services and the Software

You'll learn about the services that we provide to small business and the software that does all of the work for us (while we get paid monthly).

How we get Customers

You'll learn exactly who we take on as customers and how we get on their radar in the first place.

How to Scale to a 7 Figure Business

You'll also learn how to scale the business to 100k a year (and then how to turn the business into a 7 Figure per year operation)

About the Author

Ben Adkins

Author of Micro Service Millionaire

Dr Ben Adkins started out in the business world when he opened up his Chiropractic Practice in 2010. From there he leveraged sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to grow his business. After successfully growing his small business into a successful practice, he started a digital agency and helped other small businesses grow using the internet. He continued to dial in his model and scale his business over the next few years. Inside of "Micro Service Millionaire", you'll go behind the scenes of his Services based business, and learn how his business brings in monthly income without having him having to do the work (Hint: the secret is good systems and software that does all the "heavy lifting").

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